Paris Quinceanera photo shoot in paris sweet 15 american quinces in paris sesion de fotos de 15 anos fotografias en paris theme party fiesta

"Thank you for the most amazing pictures i'v ever seen. Im so happy and excited and im even happier with the choice of photographer. . Lopez Falcon you really are the best"....
Elissa Salcerio

" You? You're Lopez Falcon I'm sure you can pass the moon. The moon is too close for you ,you're the best and will go farther in your career thank you for everything
we're so happy with how everything came out "

Surelys Salcerio

Paris Quinceanera photo shoot in paris sweet 15 american quinces in paris sesion de fotos de 15 anos fotografias en paris

A Night in Paris : A Parisian themed Quince Party themed in Miami Elisa's Quinceanera VIP Celebration Party

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Without the perfect Photographer , your Quinceanera in Paris celebration party will not be complete :

Lopez Falcon photography  Don't settle for less !

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Paris quinceanera photo shoot in Paris Quinceañera Photography Quinces Miami & Quince Photographer Europe France Photo Shoot -Best Photo studio Videos de sesion de fotos de quinceanera en Paris Europa Francia. Paris es una bella locacion para Fotos de 15 anos en Europa

Elissa  And  Lopez Falcon

Ready... Set... Go!
What awaited me was a week full of photo shoots, make-up ,  fashion  styling   and    filmings. Thechauffer  that my parents  had  hired arrived, butalso left on time ...  no one works past 5:00 pm in Paris!   And my photographer, @lopezfalconpics bursting  in  inspiration ,  had  planned   that  the photoshoots would be extended 'till 2:00 am!

  Luckily, my parents found an unsanctioned taxi driver  that  would come after 5:00 pm from that day on. Yep, a bit pricey. Paris does have a price!!

At Sweet 15 , Beautiful Elissa Enjoys her own glamorous Quinceanera photo shoot in Paris Europe France

Lopez Falcon Quinces Photography Paris & Miami is the website that other Quinceañeras photo Studios in Miami visit to Copy Quince Photo Shoots ideas, Locations, Videos Dresses and Concepts for Quinceaneras Magazines & TV Shows
The original Quinceaneras & Sweet 15 in Paris Images were thought of and created here :  Lopez Falcon  786 597 6983

Lopez Falcon  And  Ray Roman

The executive  van  that would take us from place to  place  during photo shoots was  a mobile office, it had a desk incorporated, internet and outlets to connect our laptops.  All that technology  made it possible for the filmmaker  Ray Roman films and photographer @lopezfalconpics to start

the hard work  of  processing  their  images  immediately.
      That’s why my friends all over the world could see  the  pictures  in  real  time through Instagram and Facebook.

By Elissa Salcerio
Photographs by Lopez Falcon

I had been in France before,  but just as
another   tourist   visiting   the city  of lights. Never did  imagine that one day I’d return to  Le  Chateau  De Versailles dressed as a princess. My alter ego was anxious to  walk Champs-Elysees dressed in Dior  .... permeating the air as I passed with a scent of Chanel...
 We  had  taken  off  from  Miami
International  Airport at the crack of dawn.
My hotel room  with a full view of  the Eiffel Tower  was  waiting  to  energize me ...   but not for long .   The  alarm   clock   reminded me that the time had arrived.   Those magic moments that both my parents had planned
for the last two years,  with the tiring process of  organizing  every  detail  with  the   entire team  that  would  travel  with  us  to   Paris
(Event Planner, Film Maker, Photographer, Make-up Artist) and my favorite: (ok,  I  admit  it! LOL)  Shopping sprees!!!

        Today, after I had worked off my jet lag I started to feel inspired  for the passion   that this city engraved in women that,   just as me,
one day saw “La Vie en Rose”... Edith Piaf,
 Coco Chanel, Simone de Bea
uvior ...

Quinces in Paris by Lopez Falcon Quince Photography

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