... " This person will make you laugh, smile and will make you be the best that you can be !!!!!! I wouldn't change him for the world he is the best at take amazing pictures :D Love youu lopez ♥.. "

Melanie Gomez

There all beautiful . thank you so much :'D
 you're a great photographer

Junet Rodriguez 

"We are so in love with the pictures!

My Mom goes on Facebook every day. All my friends loved the pictures.

Some of them even want to take pictures with you!!"

Yailin Cubas 

I'm so blessed to have found you Lopez falcon , for my daughters 15 th pictures . You really have made her dreams come true . You have truly gone way beyond my expectations with your talent and dedication . I have no words to tell you from the bottom of my heart You are great !" ...

Tatiana Perez

: " Omg i love all of these photos!!

you did such a great job and I'm so glad to have this experience with you. thank you, your the best photographer ever !"

Chelsea Perez from  New Jersey

"You are such An amazing photographer .. I never wanted picture and taking them with you made me regret saying that!

I'm happy I got the chance to take my 15s picture with you."
Emily Betancourt

"Thank you for the most amazing pictures i'v ever seen. Im so happy and excited and im even happier with the choice of photographer. . You really are the best"....

Elissa Salcerio
" You? You're Lopez Falcon I'm sure you can pass the moon. The moon is too close for you ,you're the best and will go farther in your career thank you for everything we're so happy with how everything came out "
Surelys Salcerio

" I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with you and your wife. The passion for your work shows through in every single picture. They are amazing, beautiful, a work of art. Thank you so very much!! You are beyond words,

absolutely the BEST photographer in existence!!! "
Idania Geysha Anon

" Words cannot describe how lucky i feel to be taking my quince pictures with you! You are such a creative and talented person, I always dreamed of perfect quince photo that seemed to nev.... Wow! Thank you so much for making my vision a reality ...

    Love! You are the BEST!! ...
Lauren Figueredo

Omg they are beautiful i love themmmm !!! ...I am in lovee you are the besssttt !! So happy for everything , how my pictures came out . Also a perfect experience with the great Lopez Falcon not only thats he's the best photogropher in the whole universe but a very kind & good person . I loved it , everything was awesome & perfect ...
Gissy Borrego

"OMG.....amazing, you are the best, I'm so excited.......MUAAAAA . Undoubtedly you are the best photographer in the whole world, thanks so much for everything."

Ana Laura Leon

"Aww, what an amazing Job! You're simply the BEST photographer there is. God gave you a talent and I hope you know how much you impact a quinceañeras life,

dreams and expectations (for GOOD) "
Letty Fernandez

"Gwoa !!! You've outdone yourself ... Im so happy to have chosen you as my daughter's photographer you have exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure to spend these weeks with you, thank you for being so wonderful. Love, Love your job!!!

Lopez Falcon You are the Best."
Lourdes Acevedo

" And you are absolutely the very best photographer out there Ty for all your hard work and dedication in love with all my pics "
Nicky Reyes
" My best photographer  your simply the best "
Elsie Reyes

" i'm in love!!! thank you soo much for the greatest day of my life. i'm extremely grateful for everything you have done for me. i couldn't have asked for anything better. you and your photos are truly a work of art!! thank you and love ya!! "
Isabella Blanco

I love it! Thank you
Dayana  Linares
Que manera de disfrutar ese fotografo su trabajo no ppudimos caer en mejores manos, es un artista de la fotografia....
Cristina Duenas
Que puedo decir yo que soy la madre,pero la verdad que lo disfrute mucho. ,gracias lopez falcon !!,fue muy agradabley bello tu trabajo,

ha quedado mi hija preciosa en tus fotos ,ella esta muy feliz con tu trabajo, gracias una vez mas ! la verdad que es unica esa experiencia,
Daymi Linares

"What a fabulous photographer and artist. The world needs to acknowledge your work. Simply amazing! You are the IT in photography. I hope you understand how absolutely perfectly artistic and magical you are. I am proud of having you as our photographer."

Betty Blanco

Ahhhh!!! I LOVE IT!!! speechless
its incredible I couldn't imagine it any better! so happy

        Debby Marsan

No words omg Best photographer ever!
I'm so glad I pick you as a photographer, best choice I could of made
the best of the best!... Aw I'm gonna miss you!!!
Melissa Aleman

"Thank you so much for everything! You're such an amazing photographer, and the best one there is. I'm blessed to have you as my photographer, and I'm glad that I chose you! I'm so happy with my pictures, Thank you so much "
Claudia Ricardo

"OMG!! I'm in love with all of them, you're the best photographer ever!!

This day was one of the best day of my life.

It was an amazing and beautiful experience working with you.

I'm so happy that i chose you!! I can't wait to see them all"

Tiana Ballaron

""I'm re-living the awesome experience I shared with my dauhgter seeing these pictures. I love them♥. Thanks for youre great talent and love for the girls."

Teri Gutierrez

" Loved them !!!!... THANK YOU " Dear Falcon....Cant begin to express how grateful my family and I are for the wonderful and priceless memories you have given me from the moment we started with the photo sessions to my BIG day.....Your talent. patience and fun personality can't be bought.... THANK YOU....THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.....for making my Quince so much more special with such beautiful pictures ... I feel so blessed for having selected the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER, along with a great team who make you shine even more... and for finding such a respected and admired human being.... GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS ..... You are simply ... UNIQUE !!! ... LOVE..... ERIKA....Su modelo.
Erika Salazar

Amazing job guys!
Hawt mama !

Kassandra Abreu

" Oh my gosh! I still can't believe that's me lol,

thank you so much;
you are so very talented "

Ismary Guardarrama

Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable experience.
You're clearly the best!

Amanda Frias

" I dont know how to start!! .Nd u are over the top thanks for your patience through all the day!!! having u as my photographer has been the best decision that i have made in my lifeee. Words can not describe how nice,gentle,funny,special you are...Having u and your family in my life is a bless!!!My dream came true thanks to u I love u to infinity nd beyond ❤ You are totally amazing im in love with every single picture

that i have seen so far thank u ❤"

  Eliset Sanchez

" I can't believe my eyes. I cannot get over how amazing the pictures look.

They are just simply beautiful! You are beyond amazing!

Thank you so so much. I'm ready counting the days for the next shoot...

.I cannot get over how amazing the pictures look.

They are just simply beautiful! "
Carla Exposito from West Palm Beach

" Thank you so much for all my wonderful pictures ! you made my night very special , now i will have wonderful pictures to look back at ♥, yur the best of the best ! im so glad i picked yu ♥ i made the right choice forsure ! ♥ "

Christin Vergara

Thank you Lopez Falcon Photography for everything today ♥ I had an amazing time at my photoshoot & am in love with every picture! Your pictures are amazing & everyone should take their pictures with you .

Samantha Jonhs
(:Thank u @Lopez Falcon for an incredible photo shoot! I absolutely love the pics and feel very honored to have been able to choose u as my daughter's photographer for such a memorable occasion! Can't wait to continue the rest of the up and coming photo shoots! I don't know how u can out do yourself every time! Absolutely fabulous! " ;) .

Sandra Dee

I have a freaking amazing photographer ! ♥"THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the fun i had" ♥

Victoria Lopez
"Thank you so much for bringing Vicky her album!! Every single photo is amazing & and shows her personality in the most gorgeous way.... as well as her inner & outer beauty:) It's going to be so hard to choose!!!!! Thank-You for an amazing job & looking forward to working with you again with Carolina♥ XOXO"....

Loly Lopez

" In love, your the best i love you , they've come out so perfect , i am love with your work  ."
Melissa Fernandez

" Omg I love them, they are BEAUTIFUL !!!!
Thank You so much !!!Lopez Falcon

Nicole Amarante
" They are all so beautiful and perfect,
thank you Lopez Falcon you are amazing."

Marisol Amarante

" To Carlos & Yvonne, Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you for all the love and dedication you have put into Vicky and Carol's photos. "Each photo as different as they are." This has been an amazing experience for both my daughters in more ways than you'll ever know...We made so many memories together, from Noel's crazy sense of humor to the endless boxes of fireworks & sparklers used to get that perfect photo...memories that will stay with them forever♥ Wishing you continued success !!!
Loli Lopez

Estoy orgullosa ,no me canso de ver las de Jen ,simpre me sorprenden,
gracias de todo corazon,te la comiste,siempre diferente
y maravilloso trabajo

   Yadeni Rodriguez

I loveeeeee it amazing
....thank you!!!! Thank you so much amazingphotographer

Taylor Suarez

"I'm loving the pictures!! ♥ I can't believe I could look that beautiful. :'D " ...

Arleen Sosa

" I love my photographer
You are the best."

 Denise Rodriguez


you are truelly the best photographer, EVER! ♥

haha thank you so much!!", 

Nicole Fiallo

"Thank you so much Lopez Falcon! You are truly amazingggg!

i couldn't have asked for a better photographer myself!

♥ We love you, ivonne, and tiffany ♥.♥

"Amanda Guzman

" OMGGG !! I can't believe it came out so perfect ... I am so happy with my pictures! . words can't explain how much I love my pictures !!!...Thank you so much absolutely the best ...just saw my pictues and fell inlove. thank you sososo much for the beautiful pictures and wonderful experience! you're the best. "
Jennifer Rodriguez

" It's been 3 years since my shoot w you & we are still in love w the pictures as if it were yesterday! You really are the best there is! Love seeing your new shoots, they get better every time! "
Amanda Morales

"When ever I think of my photographer, Lopez Falcon, I think of the first words you & Ivonne said to me "Every single one of our quinceaneras are special & UNIQUE, in their own way, we want you to get ideas & creativity from eachother, & put your own special flare into it." Every single one of your quinceaneras, & albums are BEAUTIFUL, & unique. The experience every girl experiences with you, I promise, is amazing. WE ALL LOVE YOU. Your work is amazing, & I'm proud to show off others albums, not just mine to show the art that you make. You're amazing!"....

Samantha Guzman

" OMG!! SO AMAZING! Thank you so much,
I really do have the BEST photographer ever! "

Katherine Ross

" You are the best....was the best day
of my life thank you very much ."

Anneli Rodriguez

"Want to know who makes you feel like a princess? Who makes you feel like you have no flaws? Who makes you laugh, smile and gives you tears of joy? Lopez Falcon does. I would nominate him for the "World's best photographer".

Girls... I recommend you choose him to take your pictures. You won't regret it one single bit. Thank you."

Maria Perez

" Thank you soo much for everything , I will forever hold yesterday close to my heart thanks to you. You truly made my dream come true and i am dearly grateful to have u as a friend and photographer. i wish u lots of happiness and joy"...

Darlene Rodriguez
" It was a magical day, I cannot believe things were so perfectly. Anyone can take pictures but you go beyond that...without doubts best photographer EVER and your wife made an excellent job instructing me with each detail. I have no words to say

thank you to you all for such an amazing day"...

Jenny Zamora


Awesome Thanks soooo much !!
Bryanna Cali Suarez

"OMG!!! I love them!! They're amazing! Thanks to my amazing photographer ur the bestt<333

i have no wordss"

Yenni Hernandez

Mayelin De Leon

"SOOO blessed and in love with all my pictures !!

your honesty the best photographer EVER !!!!!!!!!"

Melanie Aloy

"Carlos, thank you so much! i love them all ♥

your the BEST!"

Felicia Vega

love it !

Carolina Vega

"My sister is a hottie "

Karina Vega

" I am in love with all of the pictures!!!
Im so glad I chose you.. you're simply the best!!
Love you! BEST choice ever "

Sabrina Gonzalez

This is perfection!
Much love to you and the crew
you guys already know you guys are phenomenal to me !

Jennifer Lopez from Tampa

"Omg I love it thank youuuuu! Perfect and Amazing!"

Andrea Luis
"Gracias por tu lindo trabajo y profecionalismo, nos sentimos muy comodos y fue una linda experiencia para mi quinceañera y para nosotros. No pudimos escoger mejor fotografo! Muchas Gracias por amar tu trabajo y hacerlo tan facil a tus modelos"

Yoany Luis

"Lopez Falcon I had a blast. ♥ you are amazing for thee 1,000,00000 billionthh time ♥"

Alissa Bello

"Lopez is amazing!!! I love it!"thank you so much!!!

you are definitely the best of the best

Sissi Rodriguez

 Carly eres un principe Sissi y yo estamos felices de haberte elegido y fue la mejor decision,tienes una magia extraordinaria en lo que haces...te mandamos besos miles....te queremos un monton...nunca te olvidaremos...nunca

Yurisel Gras

" Thank You the pictures came out AMAZING!!!!!. The Best photographer ever!!!!!! so Thankful to have my daughter take her pictures with you.
 Un deleite cada photo es un arte todas .Espectacular.

Irina Estrada

Dont settle for less. You can be a #LopezFalconGoddess

Isabell Oliva

" Omg omg omg i love them sooo muchhhhhhhhhh!!!! ahhhhhhhh im sooo obssesed your the best photographer eveeeerrrr!!!! i love uuu ahhhhhh!!!!! Thank you so muchhh !!!! "
Elianny Hernandez

 I AM BEYOND OBSESSED!!! I love them and you!!!
Natalie Fiallo Miss Florida
"Thank you so much for taking the most AMAZING pictures of my daughters!! You are truly an amazing person and the best photography ever!!"

Ody Bello-Fiallo

"Omg I love them all!!! There so pretty!! Your the best photographer ever!!",

Mercy Hernandez
" We are so blessed and so proud to have you for our daughter 15th pictures. You and your wife are wonderful. fuimos bendecidos al escojerte a ti
como el fotografo de mi muneca Mercy ,eres el mejor. Graciasssssssssssssssssss "

Mercedes Hernandez

 Beautiful !!! Amazing photographer
Katherine M Schuck

The best photographer i have ever seeen !!
I lover thesee picturess <333 ! Thankk youu soo muchh !

Chavely Aldama From Marathon
Beautiful person and professional photographer
Lopez Falcon love all your pictures Thank youuuu your are the best
Very very happy of have chosen you to be my photographer

Daymis Aldama From Marathon

" Thank you so much, I love all my pictures!"
Stephanie Romero
Gracias por tu lindo y dedicado trabajo, te repito lo que ya muchos te han dicho no pude haber escojido mejor fotografo para una acontecimiento tan importante en nuestra vida....De verdad super agradecida "
Madi Gonzalez

Great experience. so pro!

No conozco otro mejor que Lopez Falcon!

lo que es bueno es bueno y punto! :)

Bea Farina from South Carolina

" I LOVE THEM! You're the best photographer ever ♥ " ...
thank you for everything, you're truly the best!

Jessie Riveiro

♥ I have an amazing photographer.

Lopez Falcon You were chosen because you are the best (:"

Iris Rose

" OMG!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE PICS!!! Thank you so much Carlos. You did an AMAZING job as always. I can't wait to do this again!!! I am definitely taking you to HOLLYWOOD with me!!! ... please give Tiffany a big Hug and a Kiss from me and tell her I will never forget she is my #1 fan. I miss you all very much and it was only yesterday, LOL Luv U "

Elizabeth Elias

" Que belleza, me he quedado sin palabras ...
Mil gracias a Lopez Falcon, el mejor fotografo q he conocido en mi vida, profesional y humano, igual su esposa, q dios los bendiga siempre."

Lisset Gonzalez

" Thank you for an amazing day yesterday BEST PHOTOGRAPHER in the world !!"

Angelys Centeno

OMG! My girls look gorgeous. Thank you so much! You are AMAZING...Awesome! You deserve all the recognition. You're an amazing photographer and a great person. You are loved by all! And some recognition to your wonderful assistant/wife Ivonne.Beautiful picture. Carlos, you can tell you truly love your work. You have such patience and give such attention to detail - it's truly amazing. I've never met someone with such dedication to their work.

These pictures are amazing!!!!

The most AMAZING photographer in town! You're the best.

Iliana Yarzabal


Great job, Lopez  Falcon! Love it!!!!

We must do I again!!!

Belindas Couture

I love how all the pictures came out
wooooow carlos!!! iam speachless its beatiful!

Gleidianys Ramos​ From Lake Worth

" OMG they are beautiful I LOVE IT

I cant wait till the next one "

Ashley Gillot

Thank you so much your an amazing photographer !
Alexia Marie Perez
" I can only assure you that you are the best at what you do."

Maylin Perez

Oh My God, I knew I was going to have a big problem with you!

... Which photo is better Carlos?? You are so perfect !
The pictures that you took are amazing, words can't describe it, all I can say is WAO WAO WAO Thank you so much for taking the MOST AMAZING pictures of my daughter!! She looks absolutely gorgeous!
You are truly an amazing person and the best photography EVER,

Ana Tsimogianis

"Omg thank you ♥ I loveeee my picturessss!

Your amazingggggggg , it wouldnt have beeen the same with any other protographer"
Ediany Santoyo

"I loved working with you today you're beyond amazing,

Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better photographer

my photo shoot was beautiful . can't wait for our next photo shoot ♥".

Arlet Marquez

Lopez Falcon Photography Reviews

Quince Photography Miami & the South Florida area · Best photographer For Quince pictures in Miami Outdoor Locations , Beach and Studio Photo Session for quinceanera . Best ideas for 15 Fifteens Pictures & Sweet Sixteen Photo Shoots

Lopez Falcon Photography Reviews 2019

"I wanted to thank you guys so much for the amazing job you guys did . My ALBUMB came out like the one I always dreamed of so gorgeous. Thank Carlos for he's amazing job because there's no better photographer than him I loved it thank you guys "
Melissa Blanco

" I hope you know your talent really helped my confidence go back up again. Xoxoxo" ...I give props to Falcon , because with his talent the picture wouldn't have come out so magical
Amanda Arteaga

"I love my pictures, they're beautiful! Thank you so much ♥"
Nicole Ferrer
That's crazy beautiful!! Thank you!!!!
Migdalia Del Castillo Ferrer

i LOVE them

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
Kelly O'Reilly

'You are by far the best photographer and wonderful person I have ever met. Thank you for making our night so special."

Eunice and Ashley Baez

How cute !!
lol love you lopez!!
Thankss !♥

Karina Vega

Of all the pictures you have taken of me this is my favorite!!!!!!! And you know it...love you muchoooo Gracias !!!

Nicole Villaverde


"Carlos and Ivonne, thank you for all your patience and everything you did. I loved every photo shoot session and I can't believe it's all over. Your amazing :D love you ♥"
Allison Alvarez

Lopez Falcon Thank you for making my dreams come true ♥ your an AMAZING photographer :)
Emily Da Cruz
Bella....gracias un trabajo muy lindo y profesional
....we are soooooo Happy. :)))) este maravilloso fotografo que hace de su t trabajo una obra de arte...el disfruta su trabajo al maximo....gracias, Lopez Falcon, por hacer el sueño de mi hija realidad

Maribel Da Cruz

 Omg they are amazing!!!!! You are incredible!!

Cassidy Taylor Marrero
 Omg these photos r out of control and so was the party! Thank you Lopez Falcon for giving as endless memories! These will last us a lifetime!

Jessica Ramdas
 Carlos you are AMAZING!!! The party was Incredible and you catched every minute!! Your gift with Photography is MAGIC!!! We Love You!!

Marisol Soto Marrero

 The best photographer in the world. I will recommend this guy to anyone. Not only gorgeous pictures, but he's a real professional. A+++

Carmen Gricel Soto